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The global network and global digitalization create space for new forms of business in the field of IT technology. It can be a web studio, online media, start-up, online store, etc. But all companies, regardless of direction, are faced with state apparatus, which very gradually reacts to new trends in business. Therefore, the help of lawyers is important to ensure your intellectual property.

We have vast experience in accompanying technology companies, which allows us to take into account all the nuances and peculiarities of your business to ensure the protection of your rights and reduce legal risks.

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Legal support of IT companies

IT companies need special legal solutions to ensure effective company operations and minimize risks. We offer the most modern legal practices for securing intellectual property, which is very important in such areas as crypto-currency projects, e-commerce, SaaS services, cloud technologies, etc. Due to an individual approach, we help to solve any legal difficulties of an IT company, this is especially important for startups, because “template” solutions for them will not work due to the uniqueness of their product and we know how to help a startup start and reach investments.

We have extensive experience working with foreign IT projects and know all the terminology of the IT industry. You can be sure that we will understand you from the “half-word”

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Thanks to our experience in the IT industry, we create for our clients the most comfortable work with government agencies, contractors and contractors. An individual approach to each client allows you to solve the most difficult situations, guaranteeing a quick and reliable solution to the problem

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IT industry is interesting for its ambitions and future outlook working to simplify our lives and make the world a better place through innovations But when IT companies are faced with bureaucratic machinery of the state, a large amount of resources is wasted on organising a business following suit ever changing legislation requirements.

That is why we are engaged in accounting and legal support for IT companies, we want to provide high-quality legal and accounting services for IT companies in Ukraine so that our clients do business, and we go between with government agencies.

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