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Diia.City – this is a special legal and tax regime for IT companies in Ukraine

Taxation of Residents Diia.City

Labor taxes

  • 5% PDFO
  • SDR 22% of the minimum wage
  • 1.5% military tax

Corporate taxes

  • 9% on “withdrawn capital” or 18% on profit

To stimulate investment

  • 0% on the income of individuals as dividends accrued by the resident company, subject to their payment not more than once every 2 years
  • tax rebate: the amount spent on the acquisition of a stake in a Ukrainian startup is deducted from the total taxable income

Requirements for registration in Diia.City

  • The legal entity is registered in Ukraine
  • The average monthly salary for employees / specialists is at least 1,200 euros
  • The average number of employees / specialists each month is at least 9 people
  • Revenue from IT activities is at least 90% of total revenue

How to become a resident

To become a resident, the company must be registered under Ukrainian law, engage in qualified activities, meet the conditions of admission and prepare a package of documents.

Qualified activities

  • Development and testing of software, including the publication of computer games
  • Publication and distribution of software, including SaaS
  • E-sports
  • Training in computer literacy, programming, testing and software technical support
  • Cybersecurity
  • R&D in IT and Telecom
  • Digital marketing and Ads using software developed by residents
  • Provision of services related to the circulation of virtual assets
  • Robotics

Gig contract

(You can download a sample gig-contract or gig-contract with a gig specialist here)


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