General view

In Ukraine, the IT sector of the economy is actively developing and new companies enter the market, and foreign business opens branches in Ukraine. And every business is faced with the bureaucratic twists and turns of legislation. Since 2015, we have been providing professional assistance to Ukrainian and international IT companies to ensure: comprehensive protection against risks, legality and smooth development of IT companies in Ukraine.

About company

Biz-adviser specializes in providing legal and accounting services for IT companies.

Our mission is to meet the juridical needs of our clients by providing comprehensive services; for example, building up an optimal model of work on the territory of Ukraine.

A large number of successful solutions, documents and consultations have been developed, in good standing with time and Ukrainian regulatory state bodies.

We opt for the model of work that will allow for safety and economic soundness on the territory of Ukraine. At the same time, the model being flexible for scaling your business to any level.

Our team of highly qualified specialists adheres to international professional standards, ensuring high-quality interactions of IT companies with state authorities and banks of Ukraine.

Our mission

Providing quality legal and accounting services for IT companies in Ukraine. We ensure prompt and accurate compliance with the deadlines established by the legislation of Ukraine to ensure the stability and security of our clients’ business. We adhere to a systematic approach and guarantee order in the document flow of the client’s business while ensuring confidentiality and privacy.

We want to help with legal and accounting issues so that our clients do business, and we will deal with communication with government agencies.

Our team

Managing partner
Specialist in commercial and labor law in the EU
Financial Consultant
Chief Accountant