About Us

Our team consists of experienced accountants and well-versed lawyers.
We render assistance in resolution of all the situations in disputes, encountered by a startup and a fully-fledged business.



COMMUNICATION: We speak English and can explain all the details and peculiarities of Ukrainian legislation.



Legislature of Ukraine is often changing, requiring consistent trackability of innovations, and thus demanding time-consuming effort, both personal and prime, getting to your head, with redundant information. Our company will head these changes off at the pass, providing continual monitoring, on the daily basis: we will always stand by our clients with the fair warnings of all the changes on the way.



An off-and-on employees or those on the staff are liable to take vacations, fall sick all of a sudden, or terminate their contract or employment - end their working expertise at will. Our company is working on the dot via a stringently build system of working with our clients, which allows independence from any of the human factors in view.


Systemic Approach

Stringent rules of the documentation turnaround and the highest degree of professionalism on behalf of our staff is a guarantee against any disorder in the business "paperwork"; a positive earnest of availability of the necessary documentation, correct compilation and timely submittals of all the reports and conduction of the litigations.



You will not have to resort to communications with the governmental officials, stand in the endless lines, cut and contrive your prime time to suit the working schedule of the establishments, go through the negative vibes on behalf of the workers / visitors of the official institutions. We will handle this for you!


Minimising the expenditures

Addressing our company, you will bring down the internal overheads for upkeep of the employees. You will no longer need: allocate office space and computer appliances for the work stations of your staff, acquire the programming software and stationary, pay up for the utilities and sick leaves, let alone other expenses, related to the hired employees.


Operativity and timeliness

We guarantee the timeliness within the established timeframes, as predicated by the legislature of Ukraine, and precisely timely submittals of reports, declarations, applications, provisions and other documents, to the state authoritative bodies, as related to your business.


We are professionals doing our favorite business